A Deal With The Devil

You may have noticed some recent changes to the screenwriter section on this site. Although, if my analytics are correct, you probably haven’t so you should keep reading….
A few days ago, I officially signed my very first option agreement for a little script I wrote called FUNNY DEVILS. For those not familiar, FUNNY DEVILS is a horror-comedy loosely based on the legend of the Jersey Devil. The script is about an improv comedy troupe that must use their knowledge of horror movies to survive when their car is run off the road in the NJ Pine Barrens. It is a fun, over-the-top satire of films like WRONG TURN and THE HILLS HAVE EYES, as well as the entire 80s Slasher genre.
Some recent rewrites have elevated the script to a whole new level of awesomeness and that’s where director Nick Peterson came in. He has attached himself to direct the film and is currently sending the finished script out to talent & producers. We are both very passionate about this project & strongly believe it will gather interest pretty quickly. I will keep you updated as best I can throughout the process. If all goes well, horror fans will be making a trip to the Pine Barrens in 2013!
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