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In all of the excitement, I totally forgot to post an update about this on here but I made my second feature film, it premiered at the Orlando Film Festival last week, it is available to watch for FREE right now & it won me my 2nd Indie Spirit Award at OFF. Believe it or not, this all started less than 2 months ago when Dan Springen asked me to put together a promo video for this year’s festival. Going through all the footage I shot last year, I realized I had so much more than a 30 second spot. What I cut together was a fun & honest look at the film festival experience from the point of views of myself, Nic Baisley from FilmSnobbery, filmmakers Sean Fallon & Charlotte Barrett of VIRGIN ALEXANDER, Dan Springen and several other people in attendance. Head over to right now to find out more about the film & watch it yourself!


About Jerry Cavallaro

JERRY CAVALLARO is a NY based screenwriter & director. His films STUCK LIKE CHUCK and NIC & JERRY GET OFF are now available for FREE. Jerry is also the Associate Director of the Orlando Film Festival. He occasionally writes for We Are Movie Geeks & is the former Co-Host of FilmSnobbery Live! His novelty T-Shirts are available for sale at!

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