Later this week I will be making my way to Orlando for my 5th trip to Orlando Film Festival. This year will be a little different because it is my first one working for the festival in an official capacity. I started this year off as the Director of Social Media & Submissions but my tireless work got me bumped up to Associate Director. I am in charge of a wide array of different aspects and I am incredibly proud of the event we put together this year. It is going to be an insane 2 weeks starting on October 10th. I am attending New York Comic Con on behalf of WAMG Thursday & Friday followed by a friend’s wedding Saturday. About 8 hours after I get home, I have to fly out to Orlando to start prepping for OFF. Sunday night will be our first ever OFF tweetup at Universal Studios Horror Nights to promote the festival’s Horror Night. Next Wednesday kicks off the fest and 5 days full of movies, parties and a lot of work/fun. I also have a very special surprise planned for this year’s fest that will truly make it an event to remember. To see how the fest goes and what the big surprise will be, keep checking the OFF Twitter account (@OrlandoFilmFest) for updates since I tend to spend most of my time on there when online now!

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