Freshman 15 is my love letter to all the great (but mostly terrible) 90s teen sex comedies that I grew up watching. While many of those films were very much products of their time, I took their specific formula and injected it with modern sensibilities to create a raunchy self-referential throwback that fully stands on its own. As with most of my writing, the goal was to create something that is not only fun but also contains a strong emotional core that resonates with the audience.


Desperate to get over his ex, an inexperienced college student reluctantly agrees to go on a series of bad dates as part of a school tradition.


In the grand cinematic tradition of road trips, frat parties and having sex with baked goods, the goal of the Freshman 15 is to sleep with all fifteen different types of people you meet in college by the end of the school year. After being unceremoniously dumped by the only girl he’s ever dated, Matt desperately needs to move on. His roommate Scott tries to convince him to join in his quest to conquer the checklist but it isn’t until a drunken one night stand with Joy that he seriously considers doing so. She is attempting the Freshman 15 herself as a chance to experience everything she missed in high school due to her own personal hangups. Seeing that there’s more to this than just sex, Matt reluctantly embarks on a series of ridiculously bad dates in the hopes of figuring out what he really wants.

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